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SPORTS: Gymnastics

CLUBS: Tumbling (parkour), Theater,

IN SCHOOL: Nate is a really friendly and fun-loving guy. He is always looking for new people to talk to (and bug a lot) and he is always interested in trying new clubs and sports. He is pretty impulsive. While he is very social he also spends a lot of time observing people and has a bit of a manipulative streak to him. He rarely actually acts on that in a way that would actually hurt anyone. He is very fond of knowledge. Information is valuable to him, more so than anything else. While he is super friendly it actually takes him a while to be open with people.

OUT OF SCHOOL: Nate has had a lot of pretty shady connections with different groups and gangs in his life time so he pretty much spends a lot of time outside of school doing his best to avoid those people. He tends to keep to himself and doesn't reach out to strangers ever unless it is in a controlled environment. He does his best to never be home so if you are friends with him he is probably going to be making a lot of overnight plans with you. Be it camping in weird places or just having a slumber party. He is definitely more than a little paranoid and tends to keep on his toes. He is very distrusting.

OTHER: Nate is really picky about personal hygiene. Everything his owns is always clean always and he always smells like he just took a shower.
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